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We are proud to carry the following quality products.

See our salon for details and stay tuned for online shopping. 


Blockade Heat Serum 1.7oz

Brooklyn Bombshell Spray 6oz

Bust Your Brass Conditioner 8oz

Bust Your Brass Leave in Treatment 5oz

Bust Your Brass Shampoo 10oz

Curl Defining Cream 6.7oz

Curl Enhancing Gel 6.7oz

Fluxus Touchable Hairspray 8oz

Glass Action Elixir 1.7oz

Hair Fragrance 1oz

Haute Mess Texture Gloss 3oz

Headstrong Intense Hairspray 8oz

Heist 3&1 Molding Blend 1oz

Kure Repair Conditioner 8oz

Kure Repair Mask 16oz

Kure Repair Mask 8oz

Kure Repair Shampoo 10oz

Nice Cream Cleansing Conditioner 8oz

Normcore signature Conditioner 10oz

Normcore signature shampoo 10oz

Perk Up Dry Shampoo 5oz

Phantom Dry Shampoo 5.3oz

Plus Size Body Mousse 8oz

Reset Jelly Shampoo 4.73oz

Reset Scalp Oil 6.7

Shield Anti-Humidity Spray 5oz

Signature Room Fragrance 1oz

Silken Up Dry Conditioner 5oz

Soulfood Nourish Mask 8oz

Supernova M&S Cream 3.4oz

UN.Done Texture Spray 5oz

Vandal Volume Powder 1oz

Vault Color-Lock Conditioner 10oz

Vault Color-Lock Shampoo 10oz

Velveteen Smooth Balm 6.7oz

Velveteen Smooth Conditioner 10oz

Velveteen Smooth Shampoo 10oz

Wizard Detangle Primer 4oz


Curl Building Serum
Curl Cleanse Cream 500ml
Curl Moisturizing Mousse
Curl Primer 150ml
Dede Conditioner 250 ml
Dede Leave In Mist 250 ml
Dede Shampoo
Dry Texturizer Spray 200ml
EXTRA Strong Hold Hair Spray
Forming Pomade
Hair Refresher 150ml
Invisible No Gas Spray
Invisible Serum
Love Curl Conditioner 250ml
Love Curl Controller 150ml
Love Curl Cream 150ml
Love Curl Mask 250ml
Love Curl Revitalizer 250ml
Love Curl Shampoo 250ml
Love Hair Smoother 150ml
Love Smooth Conditioner 250 ml
Love Smoothing Shampoo 250ml
Medium Hold Finishing Gum
Medium Hold Hairspray
Medium Hold Modeling Gel
Medium Hold Pliable Paste
Melu Conditioner 250ml
Melu Hair Shield 250ml
Melu Shampoo 250ml
Minu Conditioner 250ml
Minu Hair Mask 250ml
Minu Hair Serum 150ml
Minu Shampoo

Momo Conditioner 250ml
Momo Hair Potion 150ml
Momo Shampoo 250ml
NouNou Conditioner 250ml
NouNou Hair Mask 250ml
NouNou Shampoo 250ml
Oi All In One Milk 135ml
Oi All In One Milk 50ml
Oi Body Wash 280ml
Oi Conditioner 250ml
Oi Conditioner 75ml
Oi Hair Butter 250ml
Oi Hand Balm
Oi Oil 135ml
Oi Oil 50ml
Oi Shampoo 280ml
Oi Shampoo 90ml
Oil Non Oil
Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid
Sea Salt Spray 250ml
Shimmering Mist Spray 200ml
Shine Wax 75ml
Solu Sea Salt Scrub 250ml
Solu Shampoo 250ml
Strong Dry Wax 75ml
Strong Hold Cream Gel
Strong Hold Hairspray
Strong Moulding Clay 75ml
Texturizing Dust
Volu Hair Mist 250ml
Volu Shampoo
Volume Boosting Mousse

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