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2020 Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

We are proud to be participating in this year's Girls Scout Cookie Challenge. We teamed with our neighbors Copper Star Coffee to create "The Crown." A fitting dessert for a fun and delicious experience.

The award-winning challenge is back for its 7th year in a row. In this friendly competition among esteemed Arizona chefs, over 35 venues throughout central and northern Arizona will go head-to-head to create a winning dessert with one of these Girl Scout Cookie flavors - Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos or Trefoils. Chefs use their culinary prowess to re-imagine these classic Girl Scout Cookies into a delicious dessert menu item and feature it on their menu throughout the entire month of February.

Our choice, Trefoils! From there, Chef Tanaya Wells created a white chocolate banana pudding with trefoil girl scout cookies in a white chocolate shell, and together we named it The Crown. Best of all – a portion of the proceeds supports Girl Scouting in Arizona!

So after you get your "Crown" all fixed up, take a short stroll over to Copper Star, order one and enjoy while you look fabulous!

Vote for us at:

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