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Most flattering haircuts for a round face

What do Isla Fisher, Mindy Kaling, Kelly Clarkson, and Emma Stone have in common? They are all gorgeous examples of celebrities with round faces.

When looking for a new style to cut your hair, it helps to narrow down the options based on which cuts flatter your face shape. Not all styles work with all face shapes; you want to make sure that the cut you choose will compliment your features. This week we are focusing on the best cuts for round faces.

Below are four characteristics of a round face, found on

  • The width and the length of your face are the same.

  • Your cheeks are the widest.

  • Your jaw is more round than at an angle.

  • The length of your face is short.

With a round face, you want to avoid accentuating the width of the face. Cuts that end just above the chin with a blunt end will draw attention to the widest point of your face. While you can still wear short hair with a round face, opt for a shaggy, slightly longer bob, or a lob, that tapers off below the chin.

If you want to go with an ultra-short look, like a pixie style, you will want to go with a voluminous cut. Adding volume to the crown will add width to the top of your face, which helps balance the broader middle section.

The most flattering cuts for longer hair involve layers. Long layers help the face appear longer and thinner. For updo’s, the messier, the better! Messy buns and updos will add volume to the top of the head.

Whatever the shape of your face, schedule your appointment today for a consultation with one of our talented stylists. We can help you determine which cut and style will have you looking like a star!

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