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Top Hair Trends Spring 2020

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

With temperatures outside beginning to rise, spring hair trends are already hitting the internet. We will be seeing many of the popular styles from this winter and fall carrying over into the new season with some new additions and twists.

Hairstyles: Single-layered cuts are in this spring. Whether it’s a shoulder-length bob or locks that drape down your back, there will be an influx of bold, blunt cuts. While bangs are still trending, we will be seeing a shorter version of bangs, both whispy and heavy. The fashionable look is to wear the bangs just above the eyebrows. We all remember the 90’s trend (those of us old enough, that is) of face-framing tendrils. This season will bring a tendril resurgence with a spin. Rather than loose straight tendrils, braided tendrils are the updated look.

Hair Accessories: Just as the scrunchie has made a strong comeback, we will be seeing more of the famous combs of the ’80s. We are continuing to see hair accessories dominating the runways, from stick-on crystals to pearls. A fresh spring update to the accessory trend is the addition of small sprigs of fresh lavender tucked into your do.

Hair Colors: When you think of spring, some things that come to mind are flowers, sunny days, and bright colors. Bright hues are making their way onto the scene in a big way. From Electric Blue to Fuchsia, this season we will be leaving the dreary days of winter behind with dazzling hair colors.

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