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Top Hair Trends Winter 2019

With a new season comes new style trends. With the light, breezy days of Summer gone, here are some trends to follow to stay style-forward this Winter.


Bangs are back! Whether they’re curly, heavy, curtain length, fringe or side sweeping, bangs have made a huge comeback. With the variety of bang styles that are trending this fall, there is a flavor of bangs to suit every face shape.

When it comes to length this season it’s all about lobs and bobs. Both sleek and textured are in style. Many celebrities are opting for this short, sassy and carefree style.

Hair Accessories:

As we all are aware the scrunchie has made its comeback...with a vengeance. Along with the resurrected hair accessory of the ’90s, we are seeing a rise in barrettes and hair clips. This Fall there is no such thing as going overboard when it comes to accessories, the more the merrier.

Hair Colors:

The blonde streaks and highlights of summer are giving way to darker colors with more

depth, who knew there were so many luxurious shades of brown! Rich colors like toffee, chestnut, caramel, brick brown, auburn, and mushroom brown are taking center stage.

Color techniques such as balayage are still all the rage, with the versatility of color combinations this trend is sure to be around for a long time to come. While ombre is still quite popular, it’s cousin, the milder sombre has been gaining momentum. A sombre result will still give you the gradual fading of color from dark at the roots to lighter at the end, it will just be a more subtle version of the traditional ombre. Another take on the ombre look is the reversed ombre, this is a technique in which previously highlighted or light hair will have depth and darker color at the base blended out to the already pre-lightened ends.

Whatever trend you wish to explore, schedule your appointment with us today so you don’t find yourself with a case of FOMO! #bestsaloninaz #hairstylist #phxhairsalon #hairsalonphoenix #humblebrag #hairtrends2019 #hairtrendswinter2019 #trendinghair

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