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2019 Holiday Hair

With Christmas next week and New Year’s Eve the week after that, the holiday party season is in full swing. The only thing more difficult to decide on than what you will wear is how you will be doing your hair. Here are some ideas to get you through, looking like a star.

I can recall my mother telling me “don’t go outside with wet’ll catch a cold!” Well, the wet look is in this holiday season. Not actually wet hair mind you, but a slicked-back look achieved with gel and shine serum. To get the look, comb back hair as if you’re getting ready to put it up in a ponytail. Add gel and shine serum starting at your hairline(start small and build up!) and brush through. Leave your remaining hair down with no product in it to give a strong contrast to the top of your tresses. This look is not only trendy but virtually fool-proof and works on hair of all lengths.

If you’re looking to end the year with a little glam, opt for some “old Hollywood” waves and bedazzled hairpins. As is the trend this season, feel free to layer on the pins! A side part with three or four stacked bobby pins is a sure winner. Couple this style with a bright red lip for a look that will steal the spotlight.

Another fool-proof style is the teased ponytail, both half up and full ponytails are trending. To complete the look, add a decorative ponytail holder or barrette and give a little tease to your do to produce luxurious volume.

Of course if you are looking for a polished and professional up-do, skip the stress and book your appointment with one of our talented stylists at Humble Brag Salon. You will walk out of our salon and into your event looking and feeling like a million bucks!

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