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We Will Get Through This Together!

At this time Humble Brag has decided to remain open under tightly controlled conditions. The salon is large enough so that we can maintain adequate social distance of approximately 6 feet between stations. Our salon is 2500 square feet and there are no more than 8 people at a time within that space. When the Salon was built in 2019 we adhered to a strict code that required a heavy-duty exhaust and filtration system which ventilates the air at ~3500 cubic feet per minute.

We are currently only accepting appointments and walk-ins will be redirected to the website to make an appointment. For those clients worried about their safety, we will also be taking appointments for select clients during off-hours when there may only be one or two people present at a time.

Salons are tightly controlled clean environments where customer safety is number one. Every stylist in our salon is a licensed professional and has accordingly spent countless hours learning about sanitation and passed strict testing in adherence to these rules. We have been washing our hands since day one and always follow the strict standards set by the Board of Cosmetology. Stylists wash their hands before, during and after every service as well as wearing aprons to promote a safe environment for every client. In addition, all surfaces are cleaned with barbicide throughout the salon and all stations are cleaned and sanitized after each use.

While we typically love having your friends and partners in the salon during your visits we ask that you limit your entourage at this time for the respect of everyone's safety.

We will get through this together!

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